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"... Our spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes ..."

Mudrooroo Narogin


Meet Toosje

Hi there! I’m Toosje (pronounced Toesha)

I’ve been working as a Kinesiology Practitioner since 2003.

My passion for Kinesiology began with my own health issue back in 1998, when I experienced the incredible power of Kinesiology to support the body’s own initiate healing ability. I walked out of my first session saying this is what I’m here to do!  I completed my studies with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) and went on to do faculty training.

Learn Kinesiology

I offer 3 levels of Kinesiology Training, all accredited Internationally by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practise (ICPKP).

Ranging from a 2 day course in Self Care to an 15month Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice to launch you into a new career within the healing arts.  There is also a middle of the road 6 unit course in Wellness & Vitality for those wanting to explore the world of energy medicine & gain valuable skills and self development techniques at a deeper level for for those wishing to add to the education that are already within the Natural Medicine field.

" Kinesiology was a new concept for me, suffering a chronic autoimmune disease, debilitating anxiety and depression I decided to see Toosje. I wish I found her sooner!"


Retreat Experiences

 I offer Qi Gong, Sound & Crystal Healing Temple and Vision Board retreats - experience deep self-awareness, awakening and self love and discovery of your own sacred soul in a beautiful nurturing environment ...


"After completing the vision board retreat I felt a sense of overwhelming clarity and purpose of my life’s journey for the upcoming year."

Personal Sessions

Experience a personal healing session with me (Toosje) and feel a greater connection with self and others and an inner peace and calm.

I offer personal one on one healing sessions, supporting you through a process of exploring your own innate ability to heal, integrate and live your soul potential.

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