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"Your heart knows the direction, run that way ..."


Open Sky Qi Gong

During a 1 hour class, you will be guided gently through graceful movements, Stillness and meditations to increase Energy, cultivate chi and blood flow and restore balance and wellbeing to body, mind and spirit.

Based on ancient Chinese medicine theory and Practices, OpenSky Qigong is designed to suit people living in our modern era and is a beautiful practise for all ages. 

In OpenSky Qigong classes you will develop:

  • Increased Vitality: by cultivating Qi in your major Energy Centres and circulating Energy to every Cell.

  • Inner Joy and Peace: by learning to Smile internally, releasing tension and accessing Inner Stillness.

  • A Deep sense of Groundedness and Connection to Self and Mother Earth.

  • Deeper Relationships: through Practising Gratitude, Empathy and Whole Body Listening.

  • Flexibility of Mind and Body: by Balancing your Energy system and being in tune with the Natural Rhythm of Life.

  • Clarity of Life Purpose: by dissolving Energy Blockages and opening fully to the present moment.

  • Heart Centred Service: by refining your Inner Energy and Gifting your abundance of Qi to others and our Planet.

  • Level 1 & Level 2 classes are available (a minimum of 36 hrs attendance at Level 1 is required to enrol in Level 2)

Further information at  Open Sky Qi Gong >>

1 hr session - investment $20 

Conscious Creation Vision Board Retreat

Come join me for a morning or evening retreat of delicious self-nurturing, reflection and conscious creation for the year ahead. Enjoy retreating and let me take you through a transformational process, conscious creation is an art form honouring universal law...  Vision boards serve to help us get clear & conscious, to be the master, author and designer of our lives, choose how we want to live and what we want to create.


Lets plant seeds for the next 12 months looking into the numerology for that year and learning to plan organise and work with the cycles of nature to create and manifest with ease and grace!

4hr retreat - Investment $150 


"Qigong has allowed me to pause and create space for myself. I have become much more aware of my body, my emotions and consequently my behaviour."


Crystal Temple

Gather with like minded people to retreat reconnect and activate your Soul! Experience the magic of light language activations, toning and crystal singing bowls to ascend you to heaven on earth! Journey deep within to connect, activate and awaken to your sacred power and hearts desires!

Sound Healing is working with the harmonic resonance of sound.
Toning, Chanting Mudras, Light Language or Sounding and the use of instruments such as Crystal or Tibetan singing bowls create vibrational shifts at a cellular, soul & DNA level unlocking healing and consciousness potentials through frequency and embedded coda of sacred geometry of Light Language (mathematical coding of creation).

Light Language is vibrational healing, activating potential through Sacred sound frequency that resonates through the body's stimulating ascension.

Classes limited to 6 people - investment $60 - 2hr session

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