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"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching..."
Author unknown 

International Certificate in self care

International Certificate in Self Care

International Certificate in Self Care is a 2day course designed to introduce Students and lay people to the world and magic of Kinesiology. 

This course is open to all and teaches you powerful self care techniques that defuses stress and boost energy. You can use these on yourself or support your family and friends with these simple but powerful techniques.

I love this course as it empowers you with skills that can be used in daily life to achieve and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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International certificate in High Level Wellness and Vitality

International Certificate in High Level Wellness and Vitality

International Certificate in High Level Wellness & Vitality is a 6 unit course and introduces students to the fundamentals in PKP Kinesiology. Topics include the techniques of manual muscle testing, 5 Element Theory & practice, and the history and philosophy of Kinesiology. 

This is a beautiful course for anyone wanting to develop more skills within their own existing modality or deepen their understanding of energy medicine for their own self development and to use to support family and friends.

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Little League

International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice

12 Units

A&P Home Study 

Student Clinic

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International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice is an amazing foundational course into an career as a Kinesiologist and Energy Medicine in general. A comprehensive 15month course that at the end qualifies you to register as a Kinesiologist and start your kinesiology practice!

The course covers in depth the fundamental skills and knowledge of the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner. See here for a full unit list and break down of each unit. 

Obviously this course is my passion, I have spent over 20years in the field of Kinesiology and Energy Medicine and I want to share with you the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I have gathered in my journeying as a practitioner. It is my desire to support you to fulfil your dream of a career as a Kinesiologist & energy medicine practitioner. When you study with me, you get so much more than the knowledge, I teach you to access your wisdom, potential and unique gifts as a practitioner and fully embody your soul potential that is going to make you a practitioner with depth, passion and a desire to continue on a journey of Mastery for the betterment of yourself and humanity.

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Learn Kinesiology

I offer 3 levels of Kinesiology Training all accredited Internationally by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practise(ICPKP).

Ranging from a 2 day course in Self care to an 15month course Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice to launch you into a new career within the healing arts. Or there is a middle of the road, 6 unit course in Wellness & Vitality for those wanting to explore the world of energy medicine & gain valuable self delevopment techniques at a deeper level or for those wishing to add to the education that are already within the Natural Medicine field:

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